Quality Policy

Quality Policy 

For the company Pharmanel Commercial S.A. quality is a commitment, so that the products sold fully satisfy their requirements, the requirements of current Legislation, have all the properties described in their instructions but mainly to meet the patients’ needs.

The most important criterion for the quality of the company is the satisfaction of our customers. The term customers for Pharmanel Commercial SA mean any recipient of its products (pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, patients, foreign customers for whom the company can organize the production of their products). For this reason, the company implements a strictly structured Quality System with the aim of providing high-level and standard services and products.


Quality System processes centered on satisfaction of the company’s customers provide a summary of the following:

  • Identify product-related requirements and review them
  • Communication with customers
  • Measuring and evaluating customer’s satisfaction
  • Tracking customer complaints


To implement the quality policy, Management operates with the following principles:

  • Creates and maintains visions, sets objectives for quality, motivates and rewards.
  • Commits to the observance of the Quality System procedures, which include the company's processes.
  • Encourages teamwork and the expression of proposals from the staff side.
  • Evaluates and rewards effort and achievement of objectives.
  • Strengthens the systematic monitoring of the effectiveness of the Quality System through internal inspections and regular reviews, which include Quality Objectives and Indicators of the processes.
  • Provides continuous staff training.
  • Supports quality by providing appropriate resources.
  • Takes care of personnel training.
  • Supports quality by providing appropriate resources.
  • Appoints a Quality Assurance Manager with overall responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the Quality Management System.
  • Evaluates potential risks and takes appropriate measures to minimize them.
  • Evaluates possible opportunities for improvement of the system and by extension its products and sets the terms and conditions for their exploitation always with the aim of satisfying its clients. 


The Company's Quality Policy is the cornerstone for achieving the company's objectives and is reviewed periodically, with the aim of continuous improvement of the company and customers satisfaction.